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 (ĭn-hŏs′pĭ-tə-bəl, ĭn′hŏ-spĭt′ə-bəl)
1. Displaying no hospitality; unfriendly.
2. Unfavorable to life or growth; hostile: the barren, inhospitable desert.

in·hos′pi·ta·ble·ness n.
in·hos′pi·ta·bly adv.
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Noun1.inhospitableness - the environmental condition in a region that lacks a favorable climate or terrain for life or growth
environmental condition - the state of the environment
2.inhospitableness - having an unfriendly and inhospitable disposition
unfriendliness - an unfriendly disposition
hospitableness - having a disposition that welcomes guests and is fond of entertaining


Lack of cordiality and hospitableness:
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According to Laurenti Magesa, one of witchcraft's main functions is to warn the individual that he should care for those around him: "Witchcraft is, in essence, a personal failure to keep destructive emotions in rein [...] witchcraft constantly warns individuals, through the community, against meanness, inhospitableness, rudeness, sullenness, disloyalty, false or reckless speech, and disrespect towards elders" (qtd.
Following Frye, she identifies this condition as part of an anxiety-ridden, "collective victim" mentality, resulting from Canada's fear of political/cultural dominance by Britain and the US, as well as the expansiveness and inhospitableness of the country's physical landscape.
As she explored, she was mesmerized by the landscape's unsung beauty, its inhospitableness, and its people, who managed to prosper there.