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You must learn the trick; you must imitate the trademarks of poverty, misery, oppression, insult, and the other several and common inhumanities that sap the manliness out of a man and make him a loyal and proper and approved subject and a satisfaction to his masters, or the very infants will know you for better than your disguise, and we shall go to pieces at the first hut we stop at.
Ever since my high school days, decades ago, I have readily acknowledged the important fact that many Caucasian individuals neither participated in nor approved the general Euro-Caucasian inhumanity to black human beings in, for example, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda during the colonial times, crimes sometimes committed merely by failing to condemn them.HUMAN RELATIONS Yet, though important, that fact does not prevent me from naming slavery and the trade in black human beings among the inhumanities that a class of the Caucasian race has perpetrated against my people, the black race (my Nilotic people probably being the blackest human beings our planet has ever produced).
The first section, "Ethics," contains the chapters "On Remembering One's Own," "On Remembering Others," and "On the Inhumanities." In the first chapter, Nguyen discusses the various cemeteries, memorials, and ceremonies honoring fallen Vietnamese.