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A thin, round traditionally Ethiopian flatbread prepared by fermenting batter made from teff flour and cooking it on a griddle, usually eaten by placing servings of accompanying dishes on top of one flatbread and breaking off pieces of another to scoop up bite-sized morsels.

[Amharic ənjära; perhaps akin to gaggärä, to bake bread.]


(Cookery) a white Ethiopian flatbread, similar to a crepe
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Some loss of concentration enabled Carlin Isle to wade through for a try that stretched USA's lead to 19-12 but Injera turned on the pistons to lay the ground for William Ambaka to score a thriller from a tackle and level 19-19 as the hooter sounded.
Willy Ambaka started the comeback after his exchanges with Collins Injera and Eden Agero made no mistake as he added the extra two points to level the scores.
I toy with the idea of arepas, fish and chips, Ethiopian injera, sushi or (of course) burgers; food from Abyssinia or the Persian Gulf or Argentina.
Our plastic-covered table heaves when a huge wheel of injera - the pancake-like bread which acts like a shared dish - is presented in a colourful woven basket.
It's based on injera, a flatbread made out of teff, which can be accompanied by meat (sometimes raw
Here, tourists and locals rub shoulders as they settle down to a smorgasbord of pop-up street food including Ethiopian Flavours' vegetable misir and injera crepes, or Kappacasein's local Ogleshield cheese raclette.
Includes clear, straightforward instructions to get you started making anything fermentable, from bread to cheese to yogurt to kimchi to miso to injera to honey wine.
If, on the other hand, you want to try a giant plate of local staple injera -- a grey spongey pancake-like bread -- piled with various meats, vegetables and hot sauces, there are a number of well-known traditional restaurants which typically also offer traditional danc- ing.
There was Tsebhi derho with Injera from Eritria, Fufu soup and pounded Cassava from Ghana, Balboa and Tamarind juice from Sudan, Koeksisters, Boerewors and milk tarts from South Africa, walnut and date cookies from Syria, Kushry from Egypt, Malaysian Satay, Swedish Chocolate cake, dumplings from China, Adobo from the Philippines, Paella tortilla Patata from Spain, Pierogi from Poland, Sarmalle and polenta from Romania, Gallo pinto from Costa Rica, Arapa from Venezuela, Purple corn juice from Peru, Vegemite sandwiches and lamingtons from Australia, Pasteis de Bacachau from Portugal, Gado Gado and Bakwan from Brazil, pani - puries and pav bhaji from India, American doughnuts and many other recipes each with its own story and heritage
He added, "This modern facility will significantly enhance our capacity of offering wide variety menu of meal services to our esteemed customers from the traditional staple injera to a selection of world cuisines; Chinese, Indian, Ottoman, Italian, Halal and many more.