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1. Causing or tending to cause injury; harmful: eating habits that are injurious to one's health.
2. Offensive or insulting; hurtful: made injurious statements about his rival.

in·ju′ri·ous·ly adv.
in·ju′ri·ous·ness n.
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Noun1.injuriousness - destructiveness that causes harm or injury
destructiveness - the quality of causing destruction
insidiousness - subtle and cumulative harmfulness (especially of a disease)
virulence, virulency - extreme harmfulness (as the capacity of a microorganism to cause disease); "the virulence of the plague"
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These are distilled from fragrant plants, have passionate smell, exhibit little injuriousness to animals and bees and have less detrimental influence over surroundings and aeclectic public approval (Isman, 2000).
The final report, issued in 2004, concluded: "there has been no discernible reduction in the lethality and injuriousness of gun violence, based on indicators like the percentage of gun crimes resulting in death or the share of gunfire incidents resulting in injury.
From the back roads, behind electric fencing and barbed wires if not bars, the prison itself is a "back stage" setting for the rodeo as "racist performance"--such "back stage" engagements, according to Feagin (2010), also constitutive of and essential to the maintenance of a white racial frame; wherein whites can be protected from the brunt of society's violence and avoid any penetrating query into racism and its injuriousness or serious discussion or criticism of mass incarceration and the penal system in the U.