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bottle - a glass or plastic vessel used for storing drinks or other liquids; typically cylindrical without handles and with a narrow neck that can be plugged or capped
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In all parts of the window were quantities of dirty bottles--blacking bottles, medicine bottles, ginger-beer and soda- water bottles, pickle bottles, wine bottles, ink bottles; I am reminded by mentioning the latter that the shop had in several little particulars the air of being in a legal neighbourhood and of being, as it were, a dirty hanger-on and disowned relation of the law.
Dodson & Fogg was a dark, mouldy, earthy-smelling room, with a high wainscotted partition to screen the clerks from the vulgar gaze, a couple of old wooden chairs, a very loud-ticking clock, an almanac, an umbrella-stand, a row of hat-pegs, and a few shelves, on which were deposited several ticketed bundles of dirty papers, some old deal boxes with paper labels, and sundry decayed stone ink bottles of various shapes and sizes.
FOR DECADES, tattoo artists have relied on "caps," little circular tubs like the top of an ink bottle, to hold their inks while they work.
The HP DeskJet GT series prints up to 8,000 pages with a set of three HP spill free colour bottles and up to 5,000 pages with the HP spill-free black pigment ink bottle out of the box.
As well as his ink bottle project Roy is developing his photography business and studying for a degree in business at Glyndwr University in Wrexham.
It contains its original pen tray and ink bottle, as well as some interesting sheets of blotting paper which, from stamped dates, indicate that it was still in use during World War II.
The New York analysis is the first to nail down the microbial cause using DNA-level sleuthing and by examining an unopened ink bottle that turned out to contain the microbe, says Kennedy, who coauthored both new reports.
chelonae isolate from the opened ink bottle showed >95% genetic relatedness to the other isolates.
"Out of the Ink Bottle" cartoon blogger Kurt Kolka thinks so, according to a piece he posted yesterday on the Web site of Michigan's Gaylord Herald Times.
Long gone to the balcony:/in a huge ink bottle spilled on the sky/whirling from evening to night/she was madly chasing her tail.
This patented technology uses tiny integrated radio-frequency tags that are embedded in the ink bottle and master roll to alert users before any shortages occur--meaning less operator intervention for optimal production.
Users simply screw the Squid Ink bottle into their hi-res ink reservoir and continue to print, according to the company.