ink-jet printing

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ink′-jet` print′ing

a high-speed typing or printing process in which charged droplets of ink issuing from nozzles are directed onto paper under computer control.
ink′-jet` print′er, n.
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MS Printing Solutions deals in textile printing machines ranging from the single ink-jet printing machines to the complete turnkey plants, with digital (ink-jet), traditional or combined technology.
A versatile ink-jet printing equipment is to be procured by LinkE[micro]ping University (LiU) to the national resource Swedish Laboratory for Printed Electronics.
In recent years, significant progress has been achieved in the development of semiconductor packaging technology using various printing methods such as screen-printing, ink-jet printing and microcontact printing.
Rick Hess, president and chief executive at Konarka, said: "Demonstrating the use of ink-jet printing technology as a fabrication tool for highly efficient solar cells and sensors with small area requirements is a major milestone.
Like other PolyJet systems, the Eden500V employs a "clean" modeling process analogous to ink-jet printing.
Splashing occurs, for better or worse, in many industrial processes, such as fuel combustion, ink-jet printing, and the coating and washing of various products.
Crompton's colors business, which produces dyes for paper, ink-jet printing inks and other industrial applications, has annual revenues of approximately $40 million.
Through the use of ink-jet printing, Moser reinforces the already confusing light conditions and creates a dissolving, washed-out color scheme, living the images a painterly quality.
of Extrude Hone (Irwin, PA) uses an electrostatic ink-jet printing head to deposit a liquid binder material onto powder metals.
Toshiba has overcome these limitations with the development of new ink-jet printing and solvent-material technologies for depositing a polymer film.
Also on their stand will be the Diverter II and Parallel Transfer unit for ink-jet printing on to the basses of bottles and cans.
The envelopes and four paper types in the ink-jet printing line are manufactured using recycled materials, reflecting what Xerox said is the company's environmental commitment.