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1. A pigmented liquid or paste used especially for writing or printing.
2. A dark liquid ejected for protection by most cephalopods, including octopuses and squids.
3. Informal Coverage in the print media; publicity: Her campaign rallies generated a lot of ink.
4. Informal A tattoo or tattoos: showed us his ink.
tr.v. inked, ink·ing, inks
1. To mark, coat, or stain with ink.
2. To apply black lines to (a drawing or sketch) using pen and ink or a digital graphics program.
3. Informal
a. To append one's signature to (a contract, for example).
b. To engage or hire by means of a contract.
4. Informal To tattoo.

[Middle English inke, from Old French enque, from Late Latin encaustum, purple ink, from Greek enkauston, painted in encaustic, from enkaiein, to paint in encaustic, burn in; see encaustic.]
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A closer look at the inking and dampening rollers shows that typical inkers and dampeners are constructed by alternating rubber rollers with hard rollers which are typically nylon or copper.
LC60LPE pneumatic bench-top model, with an electronic key command board that all LPE models have, allows controls on the pad printer, timer delays, delay front and back, timed inking, counting, machine speed automatic drying, and flaming, as well as program functions.
Offset printers in power or friction-driven models with a flexographic inking system that provides ink distribution for clean character edges.