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1. Of, relating to, or located in the interior part of a country or region: inland freshwater lakes and ponds.
2. Chiefly British Operating or applying within the borders of a country or region; domestic: inland tariffs.
In, toward, or into the interior of a country or region.
n. (-lănd′, -lənd)
The interior of a country or region.

in′land′er n.


(ˈɪn lən dər)

a person living inland.
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Inlanders all, they come from lanes and alleys, streets and avenues, --north, east, south, and west.
He came back as an active Inlander: running its membership campaign, chairing the fund-raising drive that tripled the coffers of the Inland Foundation -- and getting on the leadership track.
For instance, he wants to overhaul the "kind of nuts-and-bolts" look of Inland's promotion brochures, and change the focus of the association's twice-monthly publication, the Inlander.
Philip Blacker 63 jump jockey-turned-sculptor; Alex Hassinger 50 trainer of Cigar & Anees; Darrell Vienna 66 trainer of Fly Till Dawn & Gilded Time; John Blundell 80 trainer of Sam Da Vinci; Sheila Grassick 56 owner of Newtown Stud; Cot Campbell 85 co-owner of Inlander & Storm Song; John Inverdale 55 co-owner of Make A Stand & Amour Propre; Tom Marshall 62 chairman of the Oh So Risky Syndicate; Diana Jones 54 former champion lady rider; Laura Morgan 26 travelling head groom to Chris Bealby; Graham Wilks 69 former clerk of the scales; Anna Moore 37 bloodstock agent; Jason Hart 18 jockey Please notify birthdays at least one week before publication
Ideas from the seminars are also recycled in a column president-elect Ken Bronson writes for the The Inlander, the association's semi-monthly newsletter.
John Akehurst left the winner out of the County Hurdle and will aim him instead at the Sunderlands Imperial Cup, a race won by his father Reg with Inlander.
Adams also scored at Royal Ascot on the Reg Akehurst-trained Inlander (Ascot Stakes) and enjoyed many a good pay-day on the tough Ardrox Lad, the Michael Blanshard-trained sprinter.
The first passenger service, an outbound Inlander service, is scheduled to depart Townsville on 11 May.
When the inlander from Nazareth suggested that Peter head out for the deep, it must have seemed unrealistic and at least a little odd.
A report by ( Inlander also suggested that the legalization of industrial hemp may open the doors for the eventual acceptance and legalization of marijuana.
It was over a few drinks that Jacob Fries, editor of the Spokane (Wash.) Inlander, and novelist Sam Ligon decided to embark on a "weird and ambitious" project together.
When circumstances are similar, we make an easy transition from the others to us; but we easily ignore remote and unrelated evils; the inlander does not care about a serious shipwreck, and the monk is unmoved by the miseries of a soldier's life.