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 (ĭn′lā′, ĭn-lā′)
tr.v. in·laid (-lād′), in·lay·ing, in·lays
a. To set (pieces of wood or ivory, for example) into a surface, usually at the same level, to form a design.
b. To decorate by setting in such designs.
2. To insert (a photograph, for example) within a mat in a book.
a. Contrasting material set into a surface in pieces to form a design.
b. A design, pattern, or decoration made by inlaying.
2. Dentistry A solid filling, as of gold or porcelain, fitted to a cavity in a tooth and cemented into place.

in·lay′er n.
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Caption: The elaborately decorated grip cap is typical of this masterpiece of the engraver and inlayer's art.
Gouthiere took on many professional titles, including artist, sculptor, gilder, chaser, engraver, caster, and inlayer. Architects sent him sketches for house parts, from chimneypiece pillars to monogrammed window knobs (Fig.
[K.sup.+], on the other hand, is located in the middle plane of the inlayer space because of its larger ionic radius, large enough to not fit within the hexagonal structure formed by the tetrahedral arrangement.