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Noun1.inner resource - a resource provided by the mind or one's personal capabilities; "to have an inner resource against loneliness"
resource - a source of aid or support that may be drawn upon when needed; "the local library is a valuable resource"
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Generally, the resource that is consumed includes inner resource of hosts of attacked target system and its network transmutability.
I think many people have lost contact with their inner resource.
What is unique about her work is the emphasis on whilehelping others we are developing our inner resource with loving kindness and compassion.
They are tools that come from an inner resource and are accessible to all of us if we only slow down our busy minds and turn our thoughts away from anxieties, comparisons, and second guesses.
Global spirituality is a fundamental component of a culture of peace or a culture of awareness as far as the religions are concerned because it is a profoundly useful inner resource for creating and sustaining the inner conditions to support such a nonviolent, wise culture.
He dared suggest that they understand the contribution of the mystics and psychologists It may well be that here we encounter a yet untapped inner resource that we have not harnessed for revolution.
When you're struggling for form, you need to work hard and find the inner resource to remember what you're good at and keep doing it, resisting the urge to take an extra touch to make sure.
I remember thinking that anyone with that kind of list in their life, whether it be for literary submissions or scholarship applications, was already half-way there, destined not only for great things, but also possessing the crucial inner resources to handle life's inevitable headwinds.
When the veteran artist senses hidden potential in the new artist, he/she would want to help unlock it for you if you have not yet fully tapped into your own inner resources.
Those who at times cannot summon up the inner resources to articulate any case for the future, so beaten down are they by the pain of the past, become for that time possessed by the past, immobilised by it.
The writer develops the main character from an angry, rebellious, disruptive teenager to a young person of enormous inner resources.