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Noun1.inner resource - a resource provided by the mind or one's personal capabilities; "to have an inner resource against loneliness"
resource - a source of aid or support that may be drawn upon when needed; "the local library is a valuable resource"
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In this workshop participants will create their personal wellness toolbox which includes learning about and creating an inner resource; two, an introduction to simple meditation practices and how to incorporate a meditation practice no matter how busy you are; three, design a simple and easy yoga practice to take with you; and four, learn simple mindfulness practices for more joyful living.
Through inner resource integration, merger and acquisition, the business function, the scale of operation and profitability is gradually improved.
Attendees also took part in an interactive workshop to learn how music therapy can be an effective treatment intervention to help clients deal with trauma and chronic illness, and how playing music or musical instruments can provide psychological relief and an inner resource for people to positively confront their ongoing illness.
Generally, the resource that is consumed includes inner resource of hosts of attacked target system and its network transmutability.
I think many people have lost contact with their inner resource. We live in an era in which everyone around us is telling us what we should do--the government, religious authorities, academic leaders, news media, commercial marketers, our bosses, our parents and now hundreds of friends on Facebook and Twitter every day.
What is unique about her work is the emphasis on whilehelping others we are developing our inner resource with loving kindness and compassion.
They are tools that come from an inner resource and are accessible to all of us if we only slow down our busy minds and turn our thoughts away from anxieties, comparisons, and second guesses.
Global spirituality is a fundamental component of a culture of peace or a culture of awareness as far as the religions are concerned because it is a profoundly useful inner resource for creating and sustaining the inner conditions to support such a nonviolent, wise culture.
When you're struggling for form, you need to work hard and find the inner resource to remember what you're good at and keep doing it, resisting the urge to take an extra touch to make sure.
He dared suggest that they understand the contribution of the mystics and psychologists It may well be that here we encounter a yet untapped inner resource that we have not harnessed for revolution.