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1. the inner sole of a shoe or boot.
2. a thickness of material laid as an inner sole within a shoe.
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Noun1.innersole - the inner sole of a shoe or boot where the foot restsinnersole - the inner sole of a shoe or boot where the foot rests
boot - footwear that covers the whole foot and lower leg
shoe - footwear shaped to fit the foot (below the ankle) with a flexible upper of leather or plastic and a sole and heel of heavier material
sole - the underside of footwear or a golf club
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My favourite -- a pair of tanned, rosewood calf leather shoes named 'Bourne' -- had attractive brogue perforations and a blue innersole. They would work well with cobalt blue trousers or a suit.
In May 2013, she helped launched INNERSOLE, an organization that provides new sneakers to homeless children and other children in need.
During those middle laps, things that interrupt a runner's reverie are devastating: spiking an untied shoelace, catching the inside curb and going down, having a spike seat punch through a shoe's thin innersole, or feeling your balls flop out of your jockstrap and waddling down the track trying to stuff them back in while the onlookers laugh.
The latest Women's dance shoes include the Women's Latin dance sandals with multiple Rhinestones HGB-23595 and a thick luxurious padded innersole that claim to offer hours of enjoyment and practice when dancing.
Previously, he worked at Wind Innersole in Brockton for 26 years.
A pliable innersole helps to develop strength in toes and lift.
An alternative to a toe sleeve or gel innersole is a forefoot posted orthotic with a Morton's extension.
What else can you call an all-weather, steel-shanked backpacking boot made with waterproof leather, a gusset, a pigskin collar, an inner-bootie merebrane, rustproof brass hardware, a removable ECI-Ergonomically Contoured Innersole, and a Vibram rubber outsole?
However he could not obtain it in a narrow width, purchased a wider boot instead and inserted an innersole. And a 96-year-old woman complained that local shoe retailers did not carry her small size.
A polyurethane innersole and Dupont midsole add shock absorption to fit for a real endurance tennis match.
FootFridge[TM] has designed and manufactured a patented innersole that acts as an “air conditioner” and “shock absorber” to relieve hot and tired feet.