innerspring mattress

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A variety of mattress{1} having springs inside to provide a flexible support; it is considered more comfortable than a stuffed mattress.

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He is slumped on an innerspring mattress containing metal coils and frame, which can act like antennae, potentially intensifying EMFs.
• Alenya Loveseat- The loveseat features an easy-to-lift mechanism and an innerspring mattress. The cushion cores are engineered with low-melt fiber, and it has back cushions.
Additionally, the bedding and innerspring mattress industry is a very mature business with the likes of Scaly, Serta, and Simmons fighting it out.
“We chose three particular mattresses for the Good, Better Best school promotion in order to give our customers a choice of a traditional innerspring mattress, a pillow top mattress or a memory foam mattress instead of just having one option.
It is a very firm, steel innerspring mattress with battery-operated electronics.
This issue's Chickenhead Award is presented to several items (tactical vest, wet weather poncho liner, innerspring mattress).
Science and health have always driven product innovation in the innerspring mattress industry, and that same focus has given rise to the specialty sleep revolution challenging conventional notions of how and where mattresses are sold.
Sommer noted that some innerspring mattress manufacturers are playing catch-up.
This acceptance of "specialty bedding" has lifted some of the major traditional innerspring mattress producers out of their slumber and encouraged them to innovate.
The addition of foam beds, airbeds, waterbeds and adjustable bed models to the palettes of the major innerspring mattress manufacturers have put many of the smaller specialty bed producers in a higher profile in the bedding community and given them more clout.
The reality is that a good-quality wooden frame, a highly cushioned mattress and a designer-style fabric cover can set a consumer back $800, a figure higher than the bulky sleeper sofas with heavy foldout frame and innerspring mattress.