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n. Slang
A recessed navel.
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During her outing, Meghan was wearing a figure-hugging black dress which showed off her belly button - which had gone from an innie to an outie.
As die malaaikats (engele) na julle kabr (graf) toe ko' en djulle kennie djulle Kalima Shahada' nie, da' gat djulle behoo'lik innie jahannam brant!
The Torque D1s come in a choice of colour trims and there's an innie or an outie, depending whether you prefer your leathers tucked in or over the top.
Annett says engineers are also looking at "providing an innie and outie with the pumps, changing the amount of time the loop takes.
You don't need to do this if you use the continuous insulation itself as the water control layer or if you install the water control layer behind the continuous insulation and the window is an "innie."
Ekasy Construction Supply, meanwhile, was selling 273 pieces of steel bars and equal leg angle bars with no brand and no indication of grade and length, while in Caloocan City, Innie Construction Supplies had three pieces of underweight steel bars.
Innie Hawk was well known among these traditional moccasin makers.
"Sixty-nine" Is (25-24)/(14/14) tie [= (24+20+25) innies?] (An innie = in +1/in.)
Asked about her costume choice, Sarah said: "I'm dressed up today as my cousin Claire loved M innie Mouse and travelled all around the world with her mum going to Disneyworld.
Jo joined in for this year's Tenby Marathon - and they decided to capture it to show their children Kobi, six, and Innie, three.