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1. The act of introducing something new.
2. Something newly introduced.

in′no·va′tion·al adj.
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Adj.1.innovational - being or producing something like nothing done or experienced or created beforeinnovational - being or producing something like nothing done or experienced or created before; "stylistically innovative works"; "innovative members of the artistic community"; "a mind so innovational, so original"
original - being or productive of something fresh and unusual; or being as first made or thought of; "a truly original approach"; "with original music"; "an original mind"
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On economical level, businesses and firms are in constant market competition and a war of producing advanced, innovational products better than the other firms.
There are three categories for innovation capital: innovational mechanism, innovational achievements, and innovational culture.
The agreements reached will enable Rosneft to ensure technical designing and manufacturing in Russia of innovational products for maintaining safety of company's projects.
While he prides himself on his innovational and outstanding dedication to patient care, it is his crusade to eliminate avoidable blindness around the world and his selection for induction into the Global Medical Missions Hall of Fame that makes us all proud.
31260553) and the Graduate Programs for Innovational Research founded by the Guangxi Provincial Department of Education (No.
In addition to strengthening local production facilities and the development of a global presence, the group has its focus on increasing its innovational power.
We employ both an additive outlier (AO) test with an instantaneous single mean shift and an innovational outlier (IO) test in which the shift occurs over time.
There are different ways of dealing with this issue, and the innovational outlier (IO) model is used, which presupposes that the break occurs gradually following a dynamic pattern such as innovations.
Wireless capsule endoscopy and balloon-assisted enteroscopy are innovational diagnostic tools in this era.
Agricultural science and technology has strong positive externalities, but high investment and high risk of agricultural scientific & technological innovation seriously restrict the innovational main body' participation, therefore government should play a leading role on agricultural science and technology innovation.
He said solidarity among the peoples of the Muslim world is an efficient tool to explore scopes for cooperation in developmental, economic, scientific and innovational spheres.

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