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[From Latin innumerus : in-, not; see in-1 + numerus, number; see number.]
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Adj.1.innumerous - too numerous to be countedinnumerous - too numerous to be counted; "incalculable riches"; "countless hours"; "an infinite number of reasons"; "innumerable difficulties"; "the multitudinous seas"; "myriad stars"; "untold thousands"
incalculable - not capable of being computed or enumerated
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Alison Thewliss asked how it was possible that innumerous Saudi airstrikes had not left even one civilian casualty.
There are innumerous online e-commerce websites offering some best deals on this 12.
Considering that in the year 2010, the Ministry of Agriculture fined innumerous companies involved in fraud for water excess in their products, a specific program to control economic frauds, called PPCAAP- Program for Prevention and Control of the Water Addition to Products was created through Ordinance (Oficio Circular) no.
If we conceive the world as a traumatic constellation, this disjunctive conjunction permeates each and every one of its innumerous and manifold constituencies.
There are innumerous opportunities for companies to leverage their competitiveness and profitability by seeking solutions to solve problems like hunger, poverty, low-quality education and others.
The consumption and access to the determined products, considered important for a healthy diet, also depend on innumerous other factors, such as the region in which a person is located, their income, or the quality of food available.
ochroleucais identified as a plant pathogenic fungus inducing substantial losses innumerous plant species which must be controlled.
Nowadays, there is just a series of innumerous huge potholes left, that made even Christina miss the dirt roads I discover all the time.
On the other hand, there exist innumerous reports suggesting that the presence of well-dispersed MMT in the PA6 matrix can strongly enhance all mechanical properties of the composite [28-30].
The category Experiencing the unique nature of home care shows that home care involves innumerous particularities that should be observed by health practitioners, who possess unique skills that allow them to assess the home setting and subsequently orient patients and families about a range of situations, including safety issues (18).
The SOD, one of the most important antioxidant enzymes in the antioxidant defense system, ubiquitously exists innumerous cells of animals that could catalyze the disproportionation of superoxide to molecular oxygen and peroxide, and therefore is critical for protecting the cell against the toxic products of aerobic respiration [7,25].
Regarding coconut yield, there are innumerous studies highlighting the potential of potassium fertilization in the increment of plant growth and production (Sobral & Nogueira, 2008; Silva et al.