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1. Giving no offense; unobjectionable.
2. Causing no harm; harmless.

in′of·fen′sive·ly adv.
in′of·fen′sive·ness n.
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Adv.1.inoffensively - in a not unpleasantly offensive manner; "that wretched beast, the elephant, breathing inoffensively not a pace behind me"
offensively - in an unpleasantly offensive manner; "he smelled offensively unwashed"
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Andrea's hand left his pocket inoffensively, and was carried up to the red mustache, which it played with for some time.
I carried on shore with me the young man whose mother was starved to death, and the maid also; she was a sober, well-educated, religious young woman, and behaved so inoffensively that every one gave her a good word; she had, indeed, an unhappy life with us, there being no woman in the ship but herself, but she bore it with patience.
Often - like a well-known editor recently assigned his own hashtag - they presented an inoffensively liberal front to the foreign world, talking to white friends about how sad it was that poverty was so prevalent in Pakistan, while maintaining quite the opposite smug-landlord persona in private.
Based on blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies have become an attractive target for cybercriminals, who have been successfully and inoffensively targeting their victims through web-mining .
Justice Ian Harrison said: "The victim was a man approaching 60 inoffensively walking his dogs on a Saturday morning.
He was a kind and inoffensively simple man who loved Helene fully, and therefore--she feared--unequally.
Wearing life jackets was mandatory and strictly but inoffensively monitored.
The Volkswagen Polo GTI is, for a small hatch, inoffensively nice.
The reformed popsters are still every bit as popular as ever, selling out the biggest venue in the country, but they're also still as inoffensively bland and forgettable as ever.
While there is some risk that such a campaign would seem patronizing, there are many ways in which it could be inoffensively provided through immigration authorities, settlement organizations, and the like.
the most inoffensively and happily of all created beings--their Pythagorean tenets teaching them, from their earliest infancy, the lesson of kindness and benevolence; nor do they intentionally hurt any living thing" (50).
The idealistic sublime that Macpherson tried to convey, as inoffensively as possible, became a symbol of anti-imperialist propaganda in the eyes of many, whose only unfortunate remedy was to be shunned from readership, both by scholars and recreational readers alike.