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It would therefore be destitute of a precise meaning, and inoperative from its uncertainty.
Contract notice: Conducting course in entrepreneurship for 5 beneficiaries of the project endangered contest idea for the future at the age of 18-25 years who have no qualifications at all, or have low qualifications or inadequate for the needs of the labor market, people are inoperative.
Banks have not been proactive in tracing customers linked with unclaimed deposits/ inoperative accounts.
Inspection revealed the 1/h magneto was inoperative.
In addition to this, the recent e-governance initiative of EPFO such as Online Transfer Claim portal (OTCP), the introduction of batch processing software for updating the annual accounts of the subscribers have helped the organization to zero-in on the Inoperative Accounts and take necessary corrective action.
Keep in mind: An item required for the proposed operation--night IFR in icing conditions, for example--may ground the airplane if it's inoperative.
The Employment Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) declared that it will soon introduce a campaign to bring employees, whose accounts are inoperative, into the Universal Account Number (UAN) scheme.
With battery power applied, the chafed electrical wires were then placed against the right lower longeron and the ignition system became inoperative.
Motorists should treat each intersection with an inoperative traffic signal as a four-way stop, officials said.
A deal inked by a Tanzanian investor to restart the mill, will get the inoperative Mulungushi Textiles mill in Zambia up and running again.