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The total blockage of the hypoglycemia-induced GE increase was achieved with 80 mg/kg dipyrone in combination with atropine, indicating that, in the latter condition, the inoperativeness of the inhibitory mechanisms and the stimulation of the muscarinic pathway were overcome concomitantly.
Throughout the long pathway towards the Paris Conference (COP 21), in 2015, the establishment of global governance on climate change has faced lots of difficulties and inoperativeness which were mostly due to the different understandings on cooperation and equity legislation among countries.
(7) The term "inoperative" in Agamben's work has been subject to critical debates that are similar to those pertaining to Ashbery's politics: while de la Durantaye represents inoperativeness as something that "does not pass from the possible to the actual" (i.e., as remaining in the sphere of the potential or imaginary), Lorenzo Fabbri argues in "From Inoperativeness to Action: On Giorgio Agamben's Anarchism" that inoperativeness is thematized in Agamben's work as a form of engagement in actuality (2011, 88).