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 (ĭ-nō′sĭ-tôl′, -tōl′, ī-nō′-)
Any of nine isomeric alcohols, C6H12O6·2H2O, that are precursors to various signaling molecules.

[Greek īs, īn-, sinew; see wei- in Indo-European roots + -os(e) + -it(e) + -ol.]
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(Chemistry) a cyclic alcohol, one isomer of which (i-inositol) is present in yeast and is a growth factor for some organisms; cyclohexanehexol. Formula: C6H12O6
[C19: from Greek in-, is sinew + -ose2 + -ite1 + -ol1]
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(ɪˈnoʊ sɪˌtɔl, -ˌtoʊl, aɪˈnoʊ-)

a compound, C6H12O6, occurring in animal tissue, plants, and many seeds, that functions as a growth factor.
[1890–95; inosite an earlier name (< Greek īn-, s. of is fiber, sinew + -ose2 + -ite1) + -ol1]
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Noun1.inositol - an optically inactive alcohol that is a component of the vitamin B complex
B complex, B vitamin, B-complex vitamin, vitamin B, vitamin B complex, B - originally thought to be a single vitamin but now separated into several B vitamins
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M2 PRESSWIRE-August 9, 2019-: Global Inositol Industry Analysis 2019, Market Growth, Trends, Opportunities Forecast To 2024
For instance, myo-inositol is found as free myo-inositol or bound covalently to phospholipids, as the structural basis for a number of secondary messengers, including inositol triphosphates, phosphatidylinositol (PI), and polyphosphoinositides (i.e., PI(4)P, PI(4,5) P2, and PI(3,4,5)P3).
Another PCOS treatment is inositol, a natural sugar-like constituent of the body; as a dietary supplement, inositol is common in foods.
Vitabiotics Pregnacare Before Conception This contains micronutrients known to assist healthy conception, including vitamin B12, folic acid, inositol, l-arginine and selenium.
In particular, little information is available on the cycling, mobility, and bioavailability of inositol phosphates, a prevalent group of OPs regarded as the 'link between agriculture and the environment' (Turner et al.
The MIOX levels were measured performing ELISA [Cusabio Human inositol oxygenase (MIOX) ELISA Kit] with the results being recorded in pg/ml.
Among the aforementioned constituents, inositol appears to occupy a prominent position.
It features both natural betaine and inositol, osmolytes present in the living layers of the skin important for maintaining skin moisture.
Inositec, a company that is engaged in the development of life-saving small molecule drugs based on inositol hexaphosphate, has completed a USD1.42m seed financing, it was reported on Friday.

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