Having the same electrical phase.
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(General Physics) electrical in the same phase
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adj. Elect.
having the same phase.
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The heating of samples wields also its influence on inphase methylene rocking mode observed at 729 [cm.sup.-1] associated with triclinic packing structure of methylene sequences, similar to nalkane, in the sense that this band decreases [52].
In 2007 US company InPhase developed a photopolymer with Bayer Material Science and, with Hitachi, launched the Tapestry[TM] drive, a write-once, read many times (WORM) system (see HN June 2007).
To do this, first additive white Gaussian noise, see (1c), is generated at each of the antenna's inphase and quadrature output observations.
Arrows show if the series move inphase (if they point to the right) or anti-phase (to the left).
In addition, to provide inphase processing of the reflected signals, the formers must ensure the coherence of the synthesized signals for each of the channels.
The imaging techniques of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) have been employed in the studies "The Difference of Neural Networks between Bimanual Antiphase and InPhase Upper Limb Movements: A Preliminary Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study" by Q.
Since the current is not in-phase with the applied sinusoidal voltage (rises and falls with a time difference), the Impedance can be thought of as having both an inphase component called the resistance (R), and an out-of-phase component called the reactance (X).
The Ua, Ub and Uc are the inphase unit vectors and the Wa, Wb and Wc are the quadrature unit vectors which are computed from instantaneous source voltage.
The digital lock-in implementation phase angle varies between -180 and +180 degrees, not 0 to 360 degrees, and the raw outputs of the lock-ins are the inphase and quadrature values [13].
In the inphase state, all the three synthetic jets simultaneously operate in the suction and discharge stages, while in the out-of-phase state, the central jet has the [pi]-radian phase difference with respect to the two side jets such that, when the central jet operates at its highest discharge amplitude, two side jets are operating at the lowest suction amplitude, and vice versa.
pe dielectric measurements were performed on an automated system for recording inphase and quadrature component of current as a function of frequency.