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1. Of, relating to, or having the function of an inquisitor.
2. Law Relating to a legal proceeding in which the judge is both actively involved in determining the facts and in deciding the outcome.
3. Extremely inquisitive or prying: "a sharp inquisitorial gaze" (Michael Chabon).

in·quis′i·to′ri·al·ly adv.
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I replied, inquisitorially, "How much bandwidth do you need?
At these times, if Jennifer approached, he would raise his eyes inquisitorially to mine, receive my unspoken answer, and continue the conversation without a break.
Disinclined to fashion a (more inquisitorially inspired) rule imposing an "undifferentiated and absolute duty to retain and to preserve all material that might be of conceivable evidentiary significance in a particular prosecution," the Court deferred to "police themselves" to "by their conduct indicate that the evidence could form a basis for exonerating the defendant.