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Adj.1.inquisitory - diligent and thorough in inquiry or investigation; "a probing inquiry"; "a searching investigation of their past dealings"
inquiring - given to inquiry; "an inquiring mind"
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But she amply demonstrates that torture and inquisitory procedure were as widely used in the West as in Russia.
Due to the boundaries imposed upon him by an inquisitory force, each of his acts leads only to a worsening of his situation.
Describing the inquisitory investigation of Margery Kempe's visions, the Book problemetizes the dichotomy of literal and metaphorical meaning--which Margery refuses to reduce to mere ambiguity.
The Committee on the Conduct of the War emerged from the defeat and instantly created an inquisitory environment that would hang over the Army of the Potomac for the next four years.
Indeed, the pimp sitting in the corner of the sofa in Leverkuhn's room, soon to change into the appearance of an intellectual expert in music, seems to be just another avatar of the being who suddenly sits at Becker's desk and engages him in an inquisitory conversation--down to details such as the importunate 'Du' and 'das linkeuberschlagene Knie' (II/2, 204).