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n. pl. inro
A small, usually ornamented box that is hung from the waist sash of a Japanese kimono and has compartments for holding small objects such as cosmetics, perfumes, or medicines.

[Japanese inrō : in, stamp, seal (from Middle Chinese ʔjin`; also the source of Mandarin, yìn) + , bamboo box, envelop (from Middle Chinese ləwŋ´; also the source of Mandarin, lǒng).]


(Historical Terms) Japanese history a small box for carrying objects such as seals and medicines, worn at the waist


(ˈɪn roʊ)

n., pl. -ro.
a small lacquer box with compartments for medicines, cosmetics, etc., worn on the waist sash of the Japanese kimono.
[1610–20; < Japanese inrō < Middle Chinese]
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Inro are beautifully crafted boxes which emerged as the most popular type of sagemono, while the ojime is a sliding bead through which the cord holding the box passes, keeping the inro closed.
Warehouses are becoming increasingly automated and forklifts are no exception," said Mark Templeton, CEO of INRO.
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One piece from Mr Wrangham's collection - a 19th-Century traditional Japanese case, known as an inro - sold for a record-breaking pounds 162,000 while other lots sold to global collectors for many thousands of pounds over their pre-sale estimates.
Another possibility is it just worked loose from his mouth during the night and somehow made its way through his head where it lodged deeper and depper inro his ear.
Thus, out of 58, just 17 were considered valid for inclusion in the final corpus: gung ho (1942), (4) ho-ho (1901), hutung (1922), I Ching (1876), inro (1617), kongsi (1839), kuei (1935), Kuomintang (1912), Kuo-yu (1932), Lohan (1878), qi (1850), Shar-Pei (1976), shih-tzu (1921), Szechuan (1956), wonk (1) (1900), Yin (2) (1846) and Zen (1727).
Ruijgrok (2003), "Synergievoordelen in Logistieke NETwerken (SYLONET)--deel 1," TNO Inro report 033N08832001 (in Dutch).
MORE than 20,000 people are expected to flood inro Birmingham's Cannon Hill Park next Sunday for the city's Victory Fireworks Fantasia concert.
A wealthy man, Franks also left to the museum his collection of chinaware, netsuke, inro, bookplates, and jewelry.
Wearing inro and netsuke became a part of the past for the upper classes and samurai.
Second, they should reinstitute their lines of communication by INRO without the stockpile.
After weeks of searching, rescuers were about to give up when the group-exhausted and frostbitten, but alive--walked inro a local store.