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The Project was awarded for Design Engineering services including feasiblity study and hinterland link between Keamari, Sandspit and Cargo Village, to a consortium of Consultants of international repute comprising M/s Leonhardt, Andra and Partner of Germany, M/s Inros Lacker of Germany with M/s AA Associates and M/s Indus Associated Consultants (Pvt) Ltd as the local partners.
Partner: Nikolaus Goetze in cooperation with Inros Lackner
Effect of currency devaluations on INROs daily market indicator price
The INRO (International Natural Rubber Organization) Daily Market Indicator Price (figure 1) DMIP 80-99 is the benchmark for the market intervention; it is expressed equally in Malaysian ringgit sens and Singapore dollar cents.
As a result, in spite of a sharply falling market during the thirteen months from July 1997 to July 1998, the DMIP remained outside the intervention zone of INRO.
In other words, INRO had not been placed in a position to stabilize the market price, as purchase of rubber was not made possible due to the expression of the DMIP in highly devaluated currencies.
Also, the intention and decision by some countries to withdraw from INRO have also contributed to the downtrend of prices.
All these tiny compartments - and inros can have three or four - are secured with a silken cord which dangles from a carved net suke through which the silk passes.
This is the kind of stand where you come across oriental lacquer-ware, boxes, writing sets and sometimes you find those wonderful three-tier stacked boxessecured by a silken cord called inro .
Sotheby's sale, a few days ago, of inro from the collections of the late Charles Greenfield, and their sale of oriental items of inro and lacquer from the Bushell Collection, proved once again that collectors attend these sale gatherings anxious to purchase marvellous things.
On page 14 you get a lovely photograph of a four-section inro dating from the second half of the 18th century, where a pattern of chequered panels in silver foil and black lacquer alternate with other panels using floral and geometric designs.