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A sudden rushing in; an influx.

in′rush′ing adj. & n.


a sudden usually overwhelming inward flow or rush; influx
ˈinˌrushing n, adj



a rushing or pouring in.
in′rush`ing, n., adj.
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Noun1.inrush - an inflow; "an inpouring of spiritual comfort"
inflow, influx - the process of flowing in


[ˈɪnrʌʃ] N [of mud, water] → tromba f; [of tourists] → afluencia f; [of foreign imports] → avalancha f


nZustrom m; (of water)Einbruch m; there was a sudden inrush of touristsdie Touristen kamen plötzlich in Strömen
References in classic literature ?
As the inrush of birds continued, their wings beating against the crackling rushes, Lady Arabella grew pale, and almost fainted.
She felt something like shame and remorse when she discovered that the sunrises behind the firs and the pale pink buds opening in the garden gave her the old inrush of gladness when she saw them--that Diana's visits were pleasant to her and that Diana's merry words and ways moved her to laughter and smiles--that, in brief, the beautiful world of blossom and love and friendship had lost none of its power to please her fancy and thrill her heart, that life still called to her with many insistent voices.
At the back of the stage, Raoul had to stop before the inrush of the little troop of ballet-girls who blocked the passage which he was trying to enter.
They're using the old one," and her heart contracting, twisting, a queer dryness in her throat, she opened the door as they stopped, her hand shading the lamp against the sudden inrush of wind and rain.
He was in the Inward Bills Department, one of the features of which was the sudden inrush, towards the end of each afternoon, of hatless, energetic young men with leather bags strapped to their left arms, clamouring for mysterious crackling documents, much fastened with pins.
I expected momentarily the inrush of waters that would seal our doom; but presently from below came the welcome word that all was well.
The PWR-01 also is equipped with a soft-start function that limits the inrush current, minimizing any harmful effects to DUTs such as DC motors.
At an operating temperature range of -40 to 1 20 degrees Celsius, relay delivers a contact life of 100 thousand operations at 14VDC inrush 230A
Other electronic protection includes inrush current limiting, reverse polarity protection, output current limiting with short-circuit protection and thermal shutdown with auto-resetting.
EPCOS PTC ICLs (Inrush Current Limiters) offer key benefits when used as ICL components for active inrush current limitation in certain applications.
Few hours before closing Ras Jedir, a large inrush of Libyans entering the Tunisian territory was recorded.
The topics include a streamlined method for determining distribution system hosting capacity, cyber security and rural electric power systems, mitigating the undesired operation of recloser controls due to distribution line inrush, joint use poles and structure strength allocation, and overhead conductor motion during short circuits.