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A sudden rushing in; an influx.

in′rush′ing adj. & n.


a sudden usually overwhelming inward flow or rush; influx
ˈinˌrushing n, adj



a rushing or pouring in.
in′rush`ing, n., adj.
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Noun1.inrush - an inflow; "an inpouring of spiritual comfort"
inflow, influx - the process of flowing in


[ˈɪnrʌʃ] N [of mud, water] → tromba f; [of tourists] → afluencia f; [of foreign imports] → avalancha f


nZustrom m; (of water)Einbruch m; there was a sudden inrush of touristsdie Touristen kamen plötzlich in Strömen
References in classic literature ?
The first inrushing wave of yellow warriors recoiled from the slashing blades of ten of Helium's veteran fighting men.
I expected momentarily to feel the deluge of inrushing water, but none came.
Quorn stepped up a gear and a fine cross from Lawrence Gorman just eluded the inrushing Bowerman.
Billingham opened brightly but it was the hosts who broke the deadlock in the 11th minute as the inrushing Jordan Barnes got the final touch to beat James Flavell in the Stars net.
Alex Gilliead's rampaging run through the centre set up the goal as he fed Charlie Wyke inside right and his perfectlytimed ball across the six-yard box was tapped home by the inrushing McCartan at the far post.
Seconds later, Derry nearly grabbed the lead as a teasing cross from Ronan Curtis was glanced just wide by the inrushing Rory Patterson.
REL's solution is a module containing arrays of extremely fine piping that can extract the heat and plunge the inrushing air to about-140C in just 1/100th of a second.
In the 34th minute, though, Foderingham was put in all kinds of trouble with a lobbed passback from Rob Kiernan that bounced off the keeper's knee and into the body of the inrushing Lawrence Shankland.
On May 3, 1815, 110 men and boys were working underground at Heaton Main Colliery in Newcastle when they hit the 18th century workings, causing a flood of inrushing water.
Ross Docherty picked out Nicky Devlin with a sublime pass and the skipper's cross was knocked home on the run by the inrushing Trouten.
Such explosions might have ripped open several compartments and so weakened others that they gave way under the pressure of inrushing water.
They were ahead within four minutes of the restart as Zabaleta again burst into the box but this time pulled back for the inrushing Silva.