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Not promoting health; unwholesome: an insalubrious environment.

in′sa·lu′bri·ous·ly adv.
in′sa·lu′bri·ty n.
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Noun1.insalubrity - the quality of being insalubrious and debilitating
unhealthfulness - the quality of promoting poor health
salubriousness, salubrity - the quality of being salubrious and invigorating
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As I looked out of the coach window, and observed that an old house on Fish-street Hill, which had stood untouched by painter, carpenter, or bricklayer, for a century, had been pulled down in my absence; and that a neighbouring street, of time-honoured insalubrity and inconvenience, was being drained and widened; I half expected to find St.
Regarding agricultural machinery, the Regulatory Standard (NR-15) (MTE, 2017) foresees additional of insalubrity to workers who are exposed to continuous or intermittent noise, heat, vibrations, chemical agents and dust.
The catador is included by getting a job, but excluded by the type of work performed: precarious, in poor conditions, with a high degree of danger and insalubrity, without any social recognition, with health risks that are often irreversible, and without any labor rights.
he spent six months living in an environment manifestly unsuitable for children, characterized by insalubrity, precariousness and insecurity," the ECHR ruled.
(15) The study itself presented numerous difficulties because of the absence of local resources in the sparsely populated north-west regions, the uneven terrain, the insalubrity of the area, and the periodic anti-colonial uprisings by Sakalava rebels along the way.
In response to the mikvah's associations with insalubrity and contagion, Benjamin Koenigsberg championed the construction of a new "modern" facility.