insanity defense

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insanity de·fense

n. defensa por demencia.
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In Season 2, episode 15, titled "Witness for the Prosecution," Bull (Michael Weatherly) is brought on by the District Attorney "to help convict Hazel Diaz (Roma Maffia), an infamous drug dealer who murdered a police officer but has managed to avoid jail for years on an insanity defense by feigning schizophrenia," according to the episode summary.
In their first motion for a new trial, they said the court erred in rejecting Plackowskas insanity defense.
Lengend's defense attorney, Jorge Santos, said there could have been an insanity defense, but it was tough to successfully make that type of argument.
This study of the history of the insanity defense in England charts the emerging definition and diagnosis of homicidal mania and its reception in court.
The Oklahoma Senate unanimously passed Senate Bill 1214, which alters the state's insanity law by reclassifying the verdict related to an insanity defense as either "guilty with mental defect" or "not guilty by reason of mental illness.
Insanity Defense Attitudes, Conditional Release, and the Law 849 II.
The state also contended that the trial court didn't have to admit evidence of mental disease or capacity that would have challenged whether Roberson intentionally killed his daughter, especially because an insanity defense was not used.
Kelley's lawyers filed notice earlier this week that they intended to rely on an insanity defense.
The court postponed its verdict for a third defendant in the case, 31-year-old Yosef Haim Ben David, after his lawyer submitted a last-minute insanity defense.
Data for this study came from the Insanity Defense Reform Project, a National Institute of Mental Health-funded study of eight states.
As a formal matter, the insanity defense in most jurisdictions
WORCESTER -- The lawyer for Aldo Dunphe, the man accused of murdering a fellow patient in the psychiatric unit at UMass Memorial Medical Center -- University Campus in November 2013, has notified prosecutors that he intends to raise an insanity defense on Mr.