insanity plea

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Noun1.insanity plea - (criminal law) a plea in which the defendant claims innocence due to mental incompetence at the time
criminal law - the body of law dealing with crimes and their punishment
plea - (law) a defendant's answer by a factual matter (as distinguished from a demurrer)
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After entering an insanity plea in December, MacPherson was sentenced Thursday.
An insanity plea as a strategy for removing the stubborn chairmen raises fundamental questions about the elected leaders as it does the proponents.
Vaughan, an author, historian, and archaeologist, relates 25 cases of the insanity plea in crimes in Victorian Britain, with information on the alleged crime, insanity condition, and outcome in court.
The court rejected an insanity plea by Yosef Haim Ben David, saying he was fully aware of his actions at the time of the murder.
An Israeli man was convicted on Tuesday of murdering a Palestinian teenager in Jerusalem, as a court rejected his insanity plea for a crime that helped trigger the 2014 Gaza war.
The court rejected Yosef's insanity plea, determining that he murdered Abu Khdeir for "nationalistic" motives and noting he was "well aware" of his actions on the night of the killing.
JERUSALEM, April 19, 2016 (WAFA) - The primary suspect in the murder of Palestinian teenager Mohammed Abu Khdeir was convicted of murder on Tuesday, after an Israeli court in Jerusalem rejected an insanity plea presented by the defendant.
The adult defendant in the Abu Khudair case, Yosef Haim Ben-David, lodged an insanity plea that has held up his formal conviction and sentencing.
The third suspect has had his verdict delayed after a last minute insanity plea.
The Central Criminal Court jury took about 30 minutes to reach its decision, having been told by prosecuting counsel Pat McGrath, SC, the insanity plea was not contested.
As was formerly the case in Federal courts until the successful John Hinckley insanity plea outraged the nation, once the Colorado judge accepted the insanity plea, the plea acquired a presumption.