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1. The act or an instance of inscribing.
2. A marking, such as the wording on a coin, medal, monument, or seal, that is inscribed.
3. A piece of material, such as a stone or metal tablet, that is inscribed.
4. An enrollment or a registration of names.
a. A short, signed message in a book or on a photograph given as a gift.
b. The usually informal dedication of a book or an artistic work.

[Middle English inscripcioun, statement giving the author or title of a book, from Latin īnscrīptiō, īnscrīptiōn-, from īnscrīptus, past participle of īnscrībere, to inscribe; see inscribe.]

in·scrip′tion·al, in·scrip′tive adj.
in·scrip′tive·ly adv.
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Adv.1.inscriptively - by means of an inscription