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Noun1.window screen - screen to keep insects from entering a building through the open window
screen - a protective covering consisting of netting; can be mounted in a frame; "they put screens in the windows for protection against insects"; "a metal screen protected the observers"
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50 piece stainless steel insect screen for window sash fall protection system.
Block out 70%, 80%, or 90% of the sun's damaging UV rays * Reduce temperature in rooms by as much as 20 degrees * Savings of 25%-30% on summer cooling bills is typical * Provide privacy from outside, similar visibility from inside * Cut glare for added comfort * Protect furniture, carpets and artwork from fading and UV ray damage * Allows ventilation and acts as an insect screen too * Screens can easily be removed in the winter months * Fits almost any window size or shape including arched windows * Custom grid work is available to match those already existing on your windows SunBlox, Inc.
Mesh black insect screen (see appendix technical specifications).
The Pella Rolscreen(R) retractable insect screen rolls out of sight when not in use and eliminates the need for seasonal screen storage.
A few of the innovative concepts Andersen has explored through Project Odyssey include an "invisible" insect screen, a micro-ventilation window, and a number of multimedia windows -- all of which the company plans to demonstrate in its exhibit (booth #5065) at the 2003 International Builders' Show in Las Vegas.
Converted in inventory, overbuilding inventory balconies with mullion-transom construction with windows and sun protection elements and insect screen.
13, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Saint-Gobain ADFORS, an industry leader in screen technology and product innovation, is once again ahead of the curve in setting global trends in the insect screen market.
Homeowners can choose between blackout and sun shades as well as insect screen options.
The shading devices include dark and light coloured venetian blinds, a medium coloured roller blind, a medium coloured drape, and a dark coloured fibreglass insect screen.
Insect screen against Campylobacter, an intervention study in broiler houses.
A SAFETY Screens make insect screen doors that can be fitted over wooden, PVCu and metal doors.
You should clean your screens at least annually - more if you live in a dusty location," says Hugo Benitez, sales and technical representative for Phifer Wire Products of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, the largest insect screen manufacturer in the world.