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 (ĭn′sĕk′tə-rē, ĭn-sĕk′-) or in·sec·tar·i·um (ĭn′sĕk-târ′ē-əm)
n. pl. in·sec·tar·ies or in·sec·tar·i·a (-târ′ē-ə)
A place for keeping, breeding, or observing living insects.
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(ˌɪnsɛkˈtɛərɪəm) or


n, pl -tariums, -taria (-ˈtɛərɪə) or -taries
(Zoology) a place where living insects are kept, bred, and studied
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(ˌɪn sɛkˈtɛər i əm)

n., pl. -tar•i•ums, -tar•i•a (-ˈtɛər i ə)
a place in which a collection of living insects is kept, as in a zoo or laboratory.
[1880–85; see insect + -arium]
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According to the African News Agency, ANA, the Ugandan capital Kampala will establish an insectarium, where research on breeding these mosquitoes to spread a genetic mutation that is lethal to its own malaria-causing species will be conducted, the Daily Monitor reported on Tuesday.
It just so happened that, prior to my sudden scarab art-teaching endeavor, I stumbled upon my new favorite expository text at the New Orleans Insectarium: A Beetle is Shy (Chronicle Books; 2016).
It also offers almost 100,000 herbarium specimens, with bonsai trees, a butterfly house and plant sculptures, as well as an insectarium, biodome and planetarium.
It is one of four facilities inside the Space for Life complex operated by the Montreal Nature Museum, which includes a biodome housing 4,500 animals, an insectarium and a planetarium.
The California native is finishing his doctoral degree in entomology while he runs the Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium in New Orleans.
(1) Philadelphia Insectarium and Butterfly Pavilion, Philadelphia, PA 19136, USA; E-mail: (J.
aegypti used in the bioassays were from the colony maintained at the Insectarium of the Arthropoda Laboratory at the Federal University of Amapa, all of [F.sub.6] generation, in the third young stadium, Macapa, Amapa lineage.
The techniques used in the laboratory consisted of comparing the samples collected in the field with those from the reference collections of the E.N.S.A insectarium. Of El Harrach, and subjected to the keys of determination such as ([10], [20], [21], [20] and [17], [18]).
Around the corner, in another abandoned building, a new farmers market is fully rented and, if bugs are your thing, there is a small insectarium, which is a test run for a coming larger interactive exhibit called Entomica.