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1. Not sure or certain; doubtful: unemployed and facing an insecure future.
2. Inadequately guarded or protected; unsafe: A shortage of military police made the air base insecure.
3. Not firm or fixed; unsteady: an insecure foothold.
a. Lacking stability; troubled: an insecure relationship.
b. Lacking self-confidence; plagued by anxiety: had always felt insecure at parties.

in′se·cure′ly adv.
in′se·cure′ness n.
in′se·cu′ri·ty (-kyo͝or′ĭ-tē) n.
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Noun1.insecureness - the state of being exposed to risk or anxiety
insecurity - the state of being subject to danger or injury
secureness - the state of freedom from fear or danger


The quality or condition of being erratic and undependable:
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In spite of this, unfortunately, people of Pakistan are being misguided about insecureness of minorities.