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 (ĭn′səl-bŭrg′, -zəl-)

[German : Insel, island (from Middle High German insule, from alteration of Old High German isila, probably from Vulgar Latin *īsula; see isle) + Berg, mountain (from Middle High German berc, from Old High German berg; see bhergh- in Indo-European roots).]


(Physical Geography) an isolated rocky hill rising abruptly from a flat plain
[from German, from Insel island + Berg mountain]
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Network operators: TEN ThE-ringer Energie networks GmbH, Stadtwerke Gotha Netz GmbH, power Inselberg GmbH.
Eastern population: northeastern Brazil, in the States of Ceara and Bahia (possibly also in other north-eastern States), where it occurs as epiphyte in wet inselberg forests and riparian forests; 400--850 m (Fig.
Plus next time you hear someone call Uluru a monolith, you can politely let them know it's actually an inselberg, a German term describing an isolated hill or mountain rising abruptly from a plain.
Strong quenching of chlorophyll fluorescence in the desiccated state in three poikilohydric and homoiochlorophyllous moss species indicates photo-oxidative protection on highly light-exposed rocks of a tropical inselberg.
Epilithic Orchids, a case study from a Madagascar Inselberg (granite outcrop).
The new species was encountered on the top of an inselberg in the the county of Guaratinga, south region of Bahia.
Hanwa and Wusasa inselbergs are located in close proximity to human settlements, with the base of Hanwa inselberg virtually surrounded by structures utilised as worship centres.
The cave sites at Atapuerca are associated with a limestone massif, but it is an inselberg situated in a rolling plain, and the locality with the best evidence of early occupation, Gran Dolina, is located at its base (Carbonell et al.
This study was done at four localities in southeastern Brazil: at a rocky, open site (inselberg) on a mountain top (elevation ~1900 m) and in an adjacent Atlantic rain forest near the town of Monte Verde (22[degrees]51'S, 46[degrees]20'W), in Minas Gerais state, from August to October 2003, and in December 2004 and April 2005; on an inselberg of Sugar Loaf mountain (Pao de Acucar, 22[degrees]57'S, 43[degrees]09'W), in Rio de Janeiro city, Rio de Janeiro state, from April to May 2004, and in a restinga (i.
Restaurants and real estate firms are just two of the nation's growing enterprise business segments," said Brian Inselberg, President of Growth Enterprises.
Supply of gas to school and administrative buildings of the district Gotha;47 delivery points in the city of Gotha and rural communities in the district of Gotha,Network operators: TEN ThE-ringer Energie networks GmbH, Stadtwerke Gotha Netz GmbH, energy Inselberg GmbH, Ohra Energie GmbH.