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 (ĭn′səl-bŭrg′, -zəl-)

[German : Insel, island (from Middle High German insule, from alteration of Old High German isila, probably from Vulgar Latin *īsula; see isle) + Berg, mountain (from Middle High German berc, from Old High German berg; see bhergh- in Indo-European roots).]
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(Physical Geography) an isolated rocky hill rising abruptly from a flat plain
[from German, from Insel island + Berg mountain]
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Relacion especie-area y distribucion de la abundancia de especies en una comunidad vegetal de un inselberg tropical: efecto del tamano de los parches.
Sunset at Maraqi, on date palms in front of Jari inselberg, Siwa oasis- CC via Wikimedia CAIRO - 16 July 2018: Egypt jumped from the 104 position in 2016 to 66 in the 2018 Environmental Performance Index (EPI) issued by the Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy, according to the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) on Monday.
Financial Lines and Professional Liability are consolidating under the leadership of Brian Inselberg, senior vice president.
Mount Augustus is an inselberg - an isolated rock hill or small mountain - that is made out of sandstone and conglomerate, a formation known to geologists as the Mount Augustus Sandstone, which overlies older granite near its northern end.
Flora de um inselberg na mesorregiao agreste do Estado da Paraiba-Brasil.
Bien adentro de la region isocrona de un dia desde Palazuelo se encuentra El Pedroso, un sitio complejo estrategicamente emplazado sobre un conspicuo inselberg granitico, reforzado con una serie de fortificaciones en la cima de la colina, que se complementan con las evidencias de habitacion tanto en la cumbre como en las laderas.
Inselberg, Parallel Coordinates: Visual Multidimensional Geometry and its Applications, Springer, 2009.
Quantitative data concerning the key features of learner interaction are gathered and presented using a Parallel Coordinates visualisation (Inselberg, 2005).
Nor does he note their 500-mile, northsouth spread, despite referring to a memory of their being at Lokapel, the granite inselberg overlooking the Dopes River (p.
The sedimentary caatinga environment had the largest number of surveys in our dataset, with 18 sites, followed by the crystalline caatinga (12 sites), inselberg communities (10), arboreal caatinga (9), riverine forest (8), caatinga in the agreste ecotone (6), the transition between crystalline and sedimentary sites (6), the caatinga in the Chapada Diamantina highlands (3) and the caatinga in the campo maior ecotone (2) (Table 1; Fig.