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 (ĭn′səl-bŭrg′, -zəl-)

[German : Insel, island (from Middle High German insule, from alteration of Old High German isila, probably from Vulgar Latin *īsula; see isle) + Berg, mountain (from Middle High German berc, from Old High German berg; see bhergh- in Indo-European roots).]


(Physical Geography) an isolated rocky hill rising abruptly from a flat plain
[from German, from Insel island + Berg mountain]
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Los inselbergs tropicales son afloramientos rocosos generalmente de granito que emergen abruptamente de sus ecosistemas circundantes (sabanas, bosques), configurandose como islas terrestres aisladas (Porembski, 2000; Porembski & Barthlott, 2000).
Muhammed, "Studies on mosquitoes breeding in rock pools on inselbergs around Zaria, northern Nigeria," Journal of Vector Borne Diseases, vol.
In South Africa, several species are confined to single isolated inselbergs or outcrops (Goode, 2001 ; Donaldson, 2008).
wolfi, on inselbergs (isolated rocky outcrops on mountaintops) in South Africa.
The relief is represented by erosive-accumulative glacis whose altitude decreases from the feet of the surrounding heights and interior inselbergs to the centre of the depression and the lake level (that is, from 100 m to 0 m).
Estas unidades podem ocorrer na forma de inselbergs florestados, caracterizados por relevos residuais de destaque na paisagem regional extremamente aplainada, sob o dominio das Campinaranas.
Both the macrohabitat (inselbergs) and microhabitat (fissures) in which the species occurs are little affected by human activity.
Throughout this paper I refer to the inhabitants of the mountains, piedmonts and the surrounding inselbergs and nearby plains as 'montagnards', (2) descendants of small populations speaking closely related Chadic (Afro-Asiatic) languages who occupied the region in the first and early second millennium AD.
The morphology of the Kaduna study area is characterised by inselbergs, gently undulating plains, and small river valleys.