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1. Not physically sensitive; numb.
a. Lacking in sensitivity to the feelings or circumstances of others; unfeeling.
b. Indifferent or inattentive: insensitive to the needs of the customers.
3. Not readily responsive to external influence or stimulation: a commodity price that is insensitive to fluctuations in demand.

in·sen′si·tive·ly adv.
in·sen′si·tiv′i·ty, in·sen′si·tive·ness n.
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Noun1.insensitiveness - the inability to respond to affective changes in your interpersonal environment
crassitude, crassness - the quality of being crass--devoid of refinement
tin ear - insensitivity to the appropriateness or subtlety of language; "he has a tin ear for dialogue"
callousness, unfeelingness, callosity, insensibility, hardness - devoid of passion or feeling; hardheartedness
unperceptiveness - the lack of insight and sympathetic understanding
unkindness - lack of sympathy
inability, unfitness - lacking the power to perform
sensitiveness, sensitivity - the ability to respond to affective changes in your interpersonal environment
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Tantalised, enraged by the clumsy insensitiveness of the conductor, who put the stress on the wrong places, and annoyed by the vast flock of the audience tamely praising and acquiescing without knowing or caring, so she was not tantalized and enraged, only here, with eyes half-shut and lips pursed together, the atmosphere of forced solemnity increased her anger.
Conditions go on worsening in the biggest metropolis of Pakistan, so is growing insensitiveness of the authorities.
The insensitiveness of regular TEG to antiplatelet drugs may not necessarily be ineffective for guiding epidural catheter removal (5).
Hence, according to Abdullah (2001), Malaysians dislike aggressiveness, brashness, and insensitiveness. These negative qualities lead to conflict and confrontation and should be avoided.
As a matter of fact, when pensioners are allowed to suffer is shows lack of regard for the committed senior citizens and insensitiveness to the wellbeing of this set of people.
Issuing a joint statement Pokharel and Wagle accused the government of showing insensitiveness towards the Dr.
'The insensitiveness of the Federal Government to respect for our constitution.
To achieve robustness to deformation, color-histogram based methods [25, 26] were used in plenty of previous object tracking algorithms for the insensitiveness to shape variation.
These include among others: selfishness on the part of the leaders, insensitiveness of the leaders to the plights of the led, denial of one's rights, land dispute, cheating, ethnicity, misuse of power and position, and the likes, all of which amount to oppression.
If the horrid scenes of ruin in the wake of the tragedy in Kerala are not enough, the galaxy of portentous photos and press-clippings that fly across as WhatsApp posts depicting the 'generous' and 'altruistic' service of migrant and expat Malayalees for their people back home reek of insensitiveness. But vanity has always epitomized the fallacious quality of mankind!
The subject condemns the audience for their insensitiveness, but it is the matadors and the picador, engaged in an uneven struggle for survival, who are deprecated (10).
The right activists and members of civil society have strongly reacting over the insensitiveness towards the plight of the workers.