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Devoid of sensation or consciousness; inanimate.

in·sen′tience n.
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Noun1.insentience - lacking consciousness or ability to perceive sensations
inanimateness, lifelessness - not having life
sentience - the readiness to perceive sensations; elementary or undifferentiated consciousness; "gave sentience to slugs and newts"- Richard Eberhart
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As she works on her sculptures--positioning them, dressing them, tightening their bolts, and carrying their lifeless bodies--her frustration with their insentience mounts.
When machinism surrenders mind, the starting point is insentience and we are quickly lost.
They claim that "it was a typical male power move, some might even say 'an oxymoron, gender-wise,' that the chairperson of the board of a feminist foundation should be a man, of the nuclear-family persuasion, his only claim to that office that he was a relative of Clara's, herself a martyr to male chauvinist insentience." (23)
A thought emerging out of insentience, it hovers brilliant as a memory in the mind's murk.
Before focusing on music in particular, I wish to dedicate some discussion to McLuhan's (1969) general conception of the cultural role of artistic activity as the "indictment of human insentience past and present" (p.