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 (ĭn-sĕp′ər-ə-bəl, -sĕp′rə-)
1. Impossible to separate or part: inseparable pieces of rock.
2. Very closely associated; constant: inseparable companions.

in·sep′a·ra·bil′i·ty, in·sep′a·ra·ble·ness n.
in·sep′a·ra·ble n.
in·sep′a·ra·bly adv.
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nUntrennbarkeit f; (of friends)Unzertrennlichkeit f
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In the literature that followed this teaching, it came to be labeled the "inseparability principle." As a researcher and professor of a course on sexual and conjugal ethics, it was incumbent upon me to try to locate where this teaching had been "often set forth by the magisterium."
In the words of the court, adjudication of water-related disputes has to be mindful of the inseparability of water with eco-systems.
We can do all these with the understanding of the inseparability of Mary's vocation to our lives.
All told, this unhip, even conservative little book arguing for the "inseparability of the Western art tradition from its founding in Christian observance" is also the most surprisingly contemporary thing I have read about art for a long time.
It is of course no secret to natural medicine practitioners that using flower essences therapeutically is to acknowledge the inseparability of the physical body from mind, spirit and emotional life.
(1) He explains the presence of strong cultural references in his products and the cultural elements influencing his design processes as follows: "I believe in the inseparability of aesthetics and functionality, but I also value cultural habits, craftsmanship, history and the details of daily life as triggering factors for my designs." Sekercioglu is one of the successful Modern Craftsmen, who are quite rare today, since he designs and produces his products in his own studio by being completely involved in design and production processes, and he gives importance to craftsmanship, and works hard to reflect and convey local and regional culture by using his knowledge and experience.
the single names and preference for ampersands make a claim for the inseparability of the individuals who constitute these pairs, as if the artists were as bound to one another as Marks is to Spencer.
He advises the EU to avoid dogmatic statements about "cherry-picking" or the "inseparability of the four freedoms".
Bromwell convincingly argued for their inseparability from the poem, seeing them as its literal parentheses, thereby reinterpreting In Parenthesis as a single work of text and paratext.
After all, the problem of proper definition of compounds and classification of various combinations as compounds or phrases is long-standing and notorious: a number of criteria have been proposed to delimit compounds from phrases, including spelling, stress, inflection of the whole compound, impossibility of modification by very, fixed sequence of constituents, impossibility of omission of constituents, inseparability of constituents, and lexicalized meaning--yet all of these admit many exceptions and/or are restricted in their application to only some types of compounds (e.g.
Walter explains that one of Pater's most famous art history texts, The Renaissance (1873), "play [s] on the inseparability of word and image"; for her, Pater's conception of imagetext is of an opaque and fragmented structure that leaves "the reader always desiring to know, and always faced with the limits of knowing" (35, 46).