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tr.v. in·sert·ed, in·sert·ing, in·serts
1. To put or set into, between, or among: inserted the key in the lock; insert a shim between a door jamb and frame. See Synonyms at introduce.
2. To put or introduce into the body of something; interpolate: insert an illustration into a text.
3. To place into an orbit, trajectory, or stream.
4. To put into action: inserted a rookie into the lineup.
n. (ĭn′sûrt′)
Something inserted or intended for insertion, as a picture or chart into written material.

[Latin īnserere, īnsert- : in-, in; see in-2 + serere, to join; see ser- in Indo-European roots.]

in·sert′er n.
References in classic literature ?
He concluded a long harangue by taking off his funnel-cap, inserting the tube into my gullet, and thus deluging me with an ocean of Kirschenwässer, which he poured, in a continuous flood, from one of the long necked bottles that stood him instead of an arm.
I fancy you need a lesson or two in inserting fuses," Sheldon remarked dryly.
We shall leave to the reader to determine with what judgment we have chosen the several occasions for inserting those ornamental parts of our work.
Maneuver the carriage back and forth while inserting the second bolt into the other front hole.
Women who refuse to try inserting the female condom and women who try but experience difficulties have different profiles, suggesting that different interventions are needed to promote use in these two groups.
Inserting the wick is a minor procedure that is performed in the office.
Simple steel stand supports tabloids or broadsheets for easier manual inserting of preprinted materials
Scientists envision vaccinia vaccine customized by inserting "cassettes' of genes to meet the immunization needs of people or livestock with particular susceptibilities in a particular geographic area.
Called GARDSERTS, the kit tunas thread repair into a two-step process: drilling a hole with a standard drill bit and then inserting a self-tapping insert either manually with a bolt or driving the insert in with an impact wrench.