insertional mutagenesis

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Noun1.insertional mutagenesis - (genetics) a mutation caused by the insertion of exogenous DNA into a genome
genetic science, genetics - the branch of biology that studies heredity and variation in organisms
mutagenesis - an event capable of causing a mutation
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Recent technical advances have broadened the available approaches for disrupting gene function in a cell population prior to screening, from chemical and insertional mutagenesis to RNA interference, and, most recently, CRISPR mediated genome editing.
Genetic transformation of Colletotrichum truncatum associated with anthracnose disease of chili by random insertional mutagenesis.
Importantly, the method does not require integrating exogenous genes into the genome, which has potential risks of insertional mutagenesis.
Furthermore, the approach generates a higher percentage of transformants containing just a single-copy of the integrated T-DNA at random chromosomal sites in the fungal genome allowing for random insertional mutagenesis studies (Mulliuns et al.