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God willing.

[Arabic 'in šā'a llāh : 'in, if + šā'a : masculine third sing. perfect of šā'a, to want, wish + allāh, God; see Allah.]


sentence substitute
(Islam) Islam if Allah wills it
[C19: from Arabic]
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InshAllah she will be the first woman to lead the opposition in the senate.
But InshAllah I will win and victory will be for the people of Pakistan," he vowed.
What I failed to achieve today, Inshallah (God be willing) I'll try to do the next time.
We experience now but inshallah next season we will be able to give our best in all competitions.
When we reached out to her, she said, "Yeah, I will represent Kenya, inshallah.
We are sure they will win, Inshallah, courage will be with them in the game," added Salma Al Naami.
The minister said that hopefully 2018 would be more peaceful, bright and strong as compared to that of past and InshAllah this New Year would dawn as a hope for bright future, strong economy and prosperity.
That's all we need from you for the coming new year and for the rest of our lives InshAllah.
We have come a long way in responding to the challenges and inshAllah Pakistan is bound to rise.
But, inshallah [God willing] those days are near and.
Talking to media following an explosion on the Sibi road Home Minister said that they are in the state of war and Pakistan is fighting with bravery the war against militants and Inshallah we will emerge victorious.
The fisherman kept calm and put safety first when he had to abandon his boat Inshallah and climb into his liferaft.