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Pars striker Declan McManus was through on goal in the inside left channel when Jacobs virtually rugby tackled him just outside the box in 79 minutes.
After Gary Brown headed just over from a Terry Galbraith cross, Quakers took the lead just on half-time, with Styche making a good run into the box in the inside left position pursued by two defenders, and then unleashing a powerful left-foot shot into the top corner of the net.
Pedro Miguel won the ball deep in his own half and did well to evade a couple of challenges before Karim Boudiaf took over and hit a first-time pass to Hassan Al Haidous, who in turn found Almoez on the inside left channel.
Five minutes into the second half, Madrid exerted their authority when Bale lost his marker in the inside left channel and teed up the charging Ronaldo perfectly, as he arrived in the box and swept home the Welshman's cross from eight yards.
However, Newcastle sent their fans into ecstasy again when Ritchie dinked the ball forward from the inside left to pick out Gayle on 68 minutes.
Quakers had more defending to do in the second half as Gloucester took more risks, but the only action that Jameson saw was when Webb burst through in the inside left position, and the keeper pushed away his shot.
Tenders are invited for 250 qty 9 x 12" double pocket folder, 19" x 16" flat sheet prints one side, four color process, bleeds, die cut two 4 pockets with hidden 1/2" glue tabs inside the folder on the inside left and right edges.
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa took the lead in the third quarter and forced another goal in the last quarter when Junaid, the inside left, netted a fine goal before dodging three defenders in a row.
The pot-shot by inside left Pele struck the foot of right back Stuart Williams and turned the tortuous fraction beyond the keeper's reach into the corner of the net.
When a USA corner was only half cleared to him in the inside left channel, Jones shifted the ball on to his right foot and struck a perfect long-range drive that bent just inside the far post.
For a right handed golfer: Ball position just inside left heel Right shoulder lower than left shoulder Weight slightly more on right side Turn, don't sway (back and through) Swing the club shallow (low) through impactI feel the strongest part of my game is driving, I don't over-think the shot but I do make sure I take the club away slowly and with good 'width'.