inside out

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 (ĭn-sīd′, ĭn′sīd′)
a. An inner or interior part.
b. Inward character, perceptions, or feelings: felt good on the inside about volunteering to help.
2. An inner side or surface.
3. The part away from the edge; the middle part.
4. insides Informal
a. The inner organs; entrails.
b. The inner parts or workings: the insides of a TV set.
5. Slang Confidential or secret information.
1. Inner; interior.
2. Relating to, known to, or coming from an exclusive group: inside information; an inside joke.
3. Baseball Passing on the side of home plate nearer the batter. Used of a pitch.
1. Into or in the interior; within.
2. On the inner side.
3. Slang In prison.
1. Within: We'll be there inside an hour.
a. On the inner side or part of: inside the package.
b. Into the interior of: going inside the house.
inside out
1. With the inner surface turned out; reversed: wore the sweatshirt inside out.
2. Informal As completely as possible; thoroughly: knew the city inside out.
on the inside
In a position of confidence or influence.
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Adv.1.inside out - with the inside facing outward; "she turned the shirt inside out"
2.inside out - thoroughly; from every perspective; "she knows this town inside out"
بالمَقْلوببِصورَة شامِلَه
tövirõl hegyire
algjörlega; utan aîúthverfur
na lewą stronę
adamakıllıçok iyiterstersyüz


(inˈsaid) noun
1. the inner side, or the part or space within. The inside of this apple is quite rotten.
2. the stomach and bowels. He ate too much and got a pain in his inside(s).
(ˈinsaid) adjective
being on or in the inside. the inside pages of the newspaper; The inside traffic lane is the one nearest to the kerb.
(inˈsaid) adverb
1. to, in, or on, the inside. The door was open and he went inside; She shut the door but left her key inside by mistake.
2. in a house or building. You should stay inside in such bad weather.
(ˈinˈsaid) preposition
1. (sometimes (especially American) with of) within; to or on the inside of. She is inside the house; He went inside the shop.
2. (sometimes with of) in less than, or within, a certain time. He finished the work inside (of) two days.
inside out
1. with the inner side out. Haven't you got your shirt on inside out?
2. very thoroughly. He knows the plays of Shakespeare inside out.
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