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Noun1.insider information - important information about the plans or condition of a corporation that has not been released to the public; use for personal profit is illegal
info, information - a message received and understood
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for its slack information management that led to a leak of insider information about public share offerings.
The combination of our product offering with Brian's wealth of insider information will definitely be a great help for agents, buyers and sellers.
The Helsinki district prosecutor decided that six persons who were part of LSO Osuuskunta's management at the time will be charged with aggravated abuse of insider information.
lt;p>Moffatt and Goel allegedly provided insider information about companies including Sun Microsystems and Intel.
Publishing Gems: Insider Information For The Self-Publishing Writer by Brent Sampson (Founder and CEO of Outskirts Press) is an ideal read for writers who have finished their manuscript, and have the desire to pursue publication.
But here's one last detail to consider: County officials may have provided insider information to the companies bidding to build the projects in exchange for expensive vacations to Europe, Jamaica and Colorado.
Forstmann said that he had indeed bet on the outcome of the 2007 tennis French Open between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal (both of whom are represented by IMG), but said that he had no insider information and lost the $40 000 wager placed on Federer.
Highfields earned at least $50 million in the transaction, according to HarvardWatch, raising questions about whether Highfields was privy to insider information regarding Enron's impending collapse.
STOCK REPURCHASE PROGRAMS CAN POSE PROBLEMS for financial executives because they may raise concerns at the SEC about insider information and stock manipulation.
District Judge Nancy Gertner to serve a two year term of probation, the first six months of which are to be served in home confinement while being electronically monitored and to pay restitution in the amount of $40,000 for his role in a scheme to trade securities based on insider information.
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