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 (ĭn-sīt′fəl, ĭn′sīt′-)
Showing or having insight; perceptive.

in·sight′ful·ly adv.
in·sight′ful·ness n.
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in an insightful manner
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Critique: Exceptionally well written, organized and presented, "The Assurance of Salvation" is an inspired and inspiring read that is as impressively articulate as it is insightfully informative.
Both the dance performances that preceded it and the poem sung and insightfully shot video impressed the audience.
Christine Cort, managing director at Manchester International Festival (MIF), said: "When we started MIF back in 2007, Manchester insightfully recognised the importance of art and culture to the city's future success.
Throughout "The Happiness Bible" are insightfully and encouragingly useful quotations that do more than inspire but also share wisdom worthy of reflection.
Critique: A classic muckraking expose of corporate greed and its impact on employees and their communities, "Walmart: Diary of an Associate" is an exceptionally well written, insightfully informative, and inherently riveting account from cover to cover.
The stories he gathers in Credit and Blame range from the everyday to the altogether unexpected, from the revealingly personal to the insightfully humorous -- whether it's the gushing acceptance speech of an Academy Award winner or testimony before a congressional panel, accusations hurled in a lover's quarrel or those traded by nations in a post-9/11 crisis, or a job promotion or the Nobel Prize.
As it slowly answers viewers' niggling questions surrounding Will and Julie's fateful disappearance, it also insightfully examines the ties that bind Wayne, Roland, Tom and his junkie wife Lucy (Mamie Gummer, Meryl Streep's talented 35-year-old daughter), Wayne's writer-wife Emilia (Carmen Ejogo) and their doting son Freddy (Ray Fisher).
Critique: "Honeymoon in Baghdad" by Heidi Radkiewicz is a deftly crafted, impressively candid, and inspiringly personal memoir that insightfully explores the challenges and joys of a new marriage beset by the horrors of war.
An insightfully complex cast of characters, engaging dialogue and an original storyline that masterfully tackles weighty subjects such as survivor guilt, loss, love and acceptance make this novel a welcome, highly readable addition to every YA lover's bookshelf.
The winning journalists were selected because they demonstrated an ability to report insightfully on finance and investment-related news developments in a manner which would greater inform both professionals in the industry as well as the general public.
("Editorial: A Bang and a Whimper," May 2016) How can you write insightfully without research?
This issue closes with our book reviews that, as always, insightfully alert readers to a wide range of new works.