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n. pl. in·sig·nif·i·can·cies
1. Insignificance.
2. One that is insignificant.


(ˌɪn sɪgˈnɪf ɪ kən si)

n., pl. -cies.
2. an insignificant person or thing.
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They are kept together by the peculiarity of their topographical position; by their individual weakness and insignificancy; by the fear of powerful neighbors, to one of which they were formerly subject; by the few sources of contention among a people of such simple and homogeneous manners; by their joint interest in their dependent possessions; by the mutual aid they stand in need of, for suppressing insurrections and rebellions, an aid expressly stipulated and often required and afforded; and by the necessity of some regular and permanent provision for accomodating disputes among the cantons.
In this study, the amount of the active ingredient given per kg of body weight was low, which may be the reason of observed insignificancy in certain parameters.
Consistent with the insignificancy in performance found among portfolios in the short terms, such monotonic increase becomes more apparent particularly in the mid- to long-terms.
27% of patients with PCa have a fallacy of cancer's insignificancy. Recent data show inadequate sampling of a tumor using traditional ultrasound-guided biopsy, which leads to an inaccurate grading and estimation of tumor volume in 30-50% of men [21, 22].