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1. Not significant, especially:
a. Lacking in importance; trivial.
b. Lacking power, position, or value; worthy of little regard.
c. Small in size or amount.
2. Having little or no meaning.

in′sig·nif′i·cant·ly adv.
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Adv.1.insignificantly - in an insignificant manner; "some people living insignificantly among us"
2.insignificantly - not to a significant degree or amount; "Our budget will only be insignificantly affected by these new cuts"
significantly - in a significant manner; "our budget will be significantly affected by these new cuts"
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He could conceive of men going very insignificantly about the world bearing a load of courage unseen, and although he had known many of his comrades through boyhood, he be- gan to fear that his judgment of them had been blind.
Still more, to see people who have been only insignificantly offensive to us reduced in life and humiliated, without any special effort of ours, is apt to have a soothing, flattering influence.
Talking at the top of his voice like a fog-horn, he told somebody or anybody to go for a surgeon; and as he turned back into the dark and thronged entrance his friend Father Brown dipped in insignificantly after him.
The test work results showed that of the combined mass of the size fractions of + 10mm and + 4mm to minus 10mm from a composite of all ten samples subjected to the test work, an average of 45% of the sample mass was rejected as barren or insignificantly mineralised Quartz Wacke (the host rock of mineralisation), leaving 55% of mineralised Quartz Wacke available for milling and processing.
No relief has been given to senior citizens whereas salaries of government servants have been raised insignificantly compared to inflation rate.
During the same time, the report said, NPLs increased insignificantly by 4.2 percent YoY to QR1.26 billion.
The F-count results show that the equation has F count probability higher than the [alpha] value, thus we may conclude that all independent variables do insignificantly, simultaneously influence dependent variables with trust degree close to 95 percent.
At the same time, Japan and China, the biggest holders of the US papers also reduced their shares, albeit insignificantly.
And -- not insignificantly -- many people thinking about running for president themselves someday.
He said the income from own sources insignificantly increased from P33 778 422 in 2018/19 to P34 048 610.