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1. Not significant, especially:
a. Lacking in importance; trivial.
b. Lacking power, position, or value; worthy of little regard.
c. Small in size or amount.
2. Having little or no meaning.

in′sig·nif′i·cant·ly adv.
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Adv.1.insignificantly - in an insignificant manner; "some people living insignificantly among us"
2.insignificantly - not to a significant degree or amount; "Our budget will only be insignificantly affected by these new cuts"
significantly - in a significant manner; "our budget will be significantly affected by these new cuts"
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He could conceive of men going very insignificantly about the world bearing a load of courage unseen, and although he had known many of his comrades through boyhood, he be- gan to fear that his judgment of them had been blind.
Still more, to see people who have been only insignificantly offensive to us reduced in life and humiliated, without any special effort of ours, is apt to have a soothing, flattering influence.
Talking at the top of his voice like a fog-horn, he told somebody or anybody to go for a surgeon; and as he turned back into the dark and thronged entrance his friend Father Brown dipped in insignificantly after him.
deep filters made of cellulose, inorganic filtration additives impregnated with a cation resin, which has a positive charge or a "zeta potential", which helps to reduce pyrogenicity; have an insignificantly low level of released substances.
The actual figures changed insignificantly, from 86% to 83% in 2016 and 2017 respectively.
He said that the share of Chinese imports in the non-oil sector has surged to 36 percent which must be noticed as the share of Pakistan exports has increased insignificantly.
UGB Board has considered the overall reorganisation and proposes shareholder's approvals as in all reasonableness and to the best of their knowledge considers it to be fair and insignificantly dilutive to the economic interest of UGB shareholder.
With other manufacturers I have dealt with in the past, I definitely felt like an insignificantly small customer and did not get the attention I thought we should get, considering the amount we had to pay for their systems.
The company stated that this would increase project costs insignificantly but would not affect the construction timeline.
The debt-GDP ratio will increase insignificantly in 2016 before stabilising next year and beginning to decrease in 2018.
Further, GS activity in Peizataifeng at full-heading as influenced by fertilizer formulas was highest with the application of 100 kg N ha-1 and insignificantly different from the non-fertilized treatment, and least with 125 kg N ha-1 + 60 kg SiO2 ha-1.