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1. Not sincere; not genuine: an insincere apology.
2. Habitually phony or dishonest: distrusted him as insincere.

in′sin·cere′ly adv.
in′sin·cer′i·ty (-sĕr′ĭ-tē) n.
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Adv.1.insincerely - without sincerity; "she congratulated him somewhat insincerely"
sincerely, unfeignedly, truly - with sincerity; without pretense; "she praised him sincerely for his victory"; "was unfeignedly glad to see his old teacher"; "we are truly sorry for the inconvenience"
بدون إخْلاص
nem őszintén
meî uppgerî
ikiyüzlülüklesamimî olmaksızın


advunaufrichtig; smilefalsch


(insinˈsiə) adjective
not sincere; not genuine. His praise was insincere; insincere promises.
ˌinsinˈcerely adverb
ˌinsinˈcerity (-ˈse-) noun
References in classic literature ?
Even those neighbors who had called Peter Featherstone an old fox, had never accused him of being insincerely polite, and his sister was quite used to the peculiar absence of ceremony with which he marked his sense of blood-relationship.
But I don't suppose I've had more than you've had," Evelyn laughed rather insincerely.
Although Lynette McGrath suggests that Lanyer uses religion "as a code (not insincerely manipulated) which allows the presentation of a subversive message," (59) such an explanation downplays the religious impulse of the poem in favor of its untraditional sentiments.
In April 1788, before the New York convention, Madison had said, plausibly, that Anti-Federalist amendments were offered insincerely, "their objections being leveled against the very essence of the proposed government.
Even if this promise was made insincerely, it is hard to imagine production increasing drastically anytime this decade.
Cardiff wasn't a classic, and the two superb goals probably deserved a better game, but it was satisfying nonetheless, if only for the post-match whining of Neil Warnock, and his wonderful impersonation of a 1950s Boarding School headmaster grinning manically insincerely, whilst telling Blenkinsop minor that a new batch of canes had arrived.
I do not myself know to what extent I declare a commitment to gradualism insincerely, merely to reassure Congress and the industry that I am not a madman, and that I am solicitous of the financial fortunes of the industry, and anxious not to impair them.
Two days later, Truman made it official, describing the move, more innocently than insincerely, as primarily to protect Chiang from Mao.
By taking such drastic steps, the administration gives the impression of swinging wildly and insincerely instead of taking smaller, but more meaningful steps toward friendly relations,' ADR Institute said.
The original version gives a very broad mandate for a witch hunt against those who are suspected of converting to Islam insincerely.
Now, you're probably thinking you know where I'm going with this - I'm going to insincerely express sympathy for the teachers, then move swiftly on to complaining about how they've failed to take into account that their strike affects ME, ME, ME.
After we had excluded six students who responded to the survey insincerely we analyzed the data obtained from 122 students.