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1. Provoking gradual doubt or suspicion; suggestive: insinuating remarks.
2. Artfully contrived to gain favor or confidence; ingratiating.

in·sin′u·at′ing·ly adv.
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in an insinuating manner
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Adv.1.insinuatingly - in an insinuating manner; "the art book has art to sell, insinuatingly, and for a purpose, like the American muse, which has in fact a tradition to sell, and one which doesn't exist, in painting"
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`If he slap you, we ain't got no pig for pay the fine,' she said insinuatingly.
Mugridge grinned insinuatingly in my face as I shoved him out and ordered him back to his galley work; and he won his revenge by spreading glowing reports among the hunters as to what an excellent "lydy's- myde" I was proving myself to be.
His not ignoble ambition seems always to have been to be wrecked upon an island, indeed I am told that he mentioned it insinuatingly in his prayers, and it was perhaps inevitable that a boy with such an outlook should fascinate David.
'Mrs Merdle,' Mr Dorrit insinuatingly pursued, 'I left, as you will be prepared to hear, the--ha--observed of all observers, the--hum-- admired of all admirers, the leading fascination and charm of Society in Rome.
"I know Meg would wet-blanket such a proposal, but I thought you had more spirit," began Laurie insinuatingly.
'Partner,' said Wegg, even more insinuatingly than before, 'I propose that we cut it in half, and each keep a half.'
"You'll treat us well, I hope," he said insinuatingly. "Do the right thing by us, and all that?"
also insinuatingly reassigns the verses' authorship.
Insinuatingly, many a time, the political dynasties when in legal and political trouble mainly on account of corruption have found escape in the conspiracy hatched by the 'enemies' of democracy.
Even though Asad wrote to Zafarullah Khan, he later insinuatingly and bitterly wrote about "the fine Italian hand" of Zafarullah Khan, "who had known Pola for well over a year before I made my appearance on the scene and had often lunched with her during his many visits to New York."
"Let the patient be surrounded by beautiful girls or boys; also give him books to read, which stimulate lust and in which love-stories are insinuatingly treated."
I'm not even talking about Christmas gifts and getting yourself something nice to reward yourself for a year of toil and labor, but paying off loans, property tax, bonuses for household staff, and stuffing all the envelopes from newspaper couriers to water delivery boys that are insinuatingly empty and wish you a very, very merry Christmas.