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1. That cannot be dissolved: insoluble matter.
2. Difficult or impossible to solve or explain; insolvable: insoluble riddles.

[Middle English insolible, from Latin īnsolūbilis : in-, not; see in-1 + solvere, to loosen; see soluble.]

in·sol′u·bil′i·ty, in·sol′u·ble·ness n.
in·sol′u·ble n.
in·sol′u·bly adv.
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Noun1.insolubility - the property (of a problem or difficulty) that makes it impossible to solve
property - a basic or essential attribute shared by all members of a class; "a study of the physical properties of atomic particles"
solvability, solubility - the property (of a problem or difficulty) that makes it possible to solve
2.insolubility - the quality of being insoluble and difficult to dissolve in liquid
quality - an essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone; "the quality of mercy is not strained"--Shakespeare
solubility - the quality of being soluble and easily dissolved in liquid
لا ذَوبانيَّه
óuppleysanleiki; óleysanleiki


[ɪnˌsɒljʊˈbɪlətɪ] Ninsolubilidad f


(of substance)Unlöslichkeit f
(of problem)Unlösbarkeit f


(inˈsoljubl) adjective
1. (of a substance) impossible to dissolve. This chemical is insoluble (in water).
2. (of a problem or difficulty) impossible to solve.
insoluˈbility noun
References in classic literature ?
In fact, the facility with which I shall arrive, or have arrived, at the solution of this mystery, is in the direct ratio of its apparent insolubility in the eyes of the police.
They are characterized by insolubility in water and by solubility in organic solvents that can be controlled by changing their substituents.
Desirable properties of a sealant include good binding properties, insolubility and resistance to corrosion.
Beside many advantages of polyaniline, insolubility in solvents is the major disadvantage; to overcome this and to enhance the processability, various techniques have been introduced.
The market is projected to register a high CAGR in the future due to its water soluble property and insolubility in other solvents.
Tote Hughes's "Fountain" is a metaphysical detective story unlike any other, a comic tour de force set in a labyrinthine world of shifting signs and dreamlike insolubility.
Obtaining potassium from minerals is very difficult because of its insolubility and durability.
Inorganic pigments are known for their outstanding lightfastness and their insolubility, which prevents bleed and migration in coatings and inks.
Furthermore, both the York and N-Town entry plays specifically address this heterogeneity through interrogating the insolubility of the marginal figures (the blind and the lame) within the community.
Cloudiness, deposit and film on tube walls indicate insolubility of chemical compounds in the refrigerant/lubricant system.
This insolubility was detected in 113LBoPrP-Tg037 and 113LBoPrP-Tg009 mouse lines.
Equipped with additional functionality, such as gastro resistance for drug delivery in the intestine or insolubility for a sustained drug release, these coatings significantly improve drug delivery.